Health & Safety

Our Promise

At Kumbuk Pantry we place utmost importance on food hygiene, health and safety. All Kumbuk Homemade items are made at our kitchen in Colombo 7. The kitchen itself is cleaned daily, deep cleaned multiple times weekly and counter tops sterilized before, during and after service.
We monitor the health of our staff closely and ensure that our minimal workforce behind the scenes are healthy and fit for work.
We work with many other vendors, all of whom are responsible in their decision making and follow strict health and safety guidelines.
Currently, deliveries are made by our designated driver Kevin or through VEGR. Deliveries are made with minimal contact, the person wearing mask and sanitizing accordingly.

What to do after a delivery:

Step 1: Order from responsible businesses that are taking measures to ensure food handling hygiene and customer safety.

Step 2: Most delivery businesses are now leaving the bag or box by the door and standing back a considerable distance. Collect the bag or box and take it straight into your kitchen.

Step 3: As advised by WHO, remove the food stuffs or products from the bag or box. Then dispose of the bag or box carefully.

Step 4: If you're unpacking food stuffs, best to transfer them from the box they were delivered in to your own plates/boxes. Dispose of the box.

Step 5: Best not to use any cutlery or serviettes in the bag, instead use your own home cutlery.

Step 6: Just to be extra careful wash down the table surface with dettol, water or soap.

Step 7: Wash your hands thoroughly with soap before touching your face or anything else.

Step 8: Enjoy your food! Stay safe.